trust through experience

“Customer trust is our first priority. We will respond quickly to any issues that arise.”

knit ngaobenjakul

president of wantana group.





a leading manufacturer of steel casting. Not only our best casting products but also our service that have been trusted by our partners through decades of experience. We offer a comprehensive range of material especially carbon steel castings for heavy machinery parts. Our core values are driven by a desire to meet customer expectations and achieve international standards.

Traceability, Job status tracking, and our kindly Key account staffs are the three essential tools for gaining competitive advantage.

Established                           1993
Registered capital               300,000 USD

Location                                 10/3, 11/6 Moo.6 T.Kokra-bue
                                                  A. Muang Samutsakorn 74000

Building factory area        5,922 sqm

Employees                            160

Since 1993 that siam castech’s steel casting products have been distributed to Thailand’s agricultural industry.


According to the business ethics and long experience of Wantana Group, more than two decades that we have become a foundry you can rely on.

From family business to corporate, we have continued to grow alongside with our partners by introducing new equipment and casting solution, joining several government support programs and adopting ISO9001 system to ensure that our growth is sustainable.


Until now, Siam Castech has been trusted to provide quality castings such as trailers suspension parts and forklift components to market leaders in international level