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furnishing and process

In addition to Wantana Group who is capable of CNC machining processes, Siam Castech also has facilities and experiences for machining / pre-machining if it is required.

Quality products mean they are furnished and ready to be used. In furnishing process, Siam Castech tracks our activities from start to finish.

We record and collect NG data, including riser cutting, sand removing, riser grinding, welding, sand blasting and annealing to ensure that when such data is required, we will be able to know at a glance what process is going wrong.

We know that customers need finished goods and those should be ready in hand without any extra cost and time for reworking.

Moreover, apart from grinding or welding, after process activities are something that we experienced too.

Whether it is painting process, coating or even the preparation of pest prevention wooden crates for abroad shipments. This is to ensure our customers to get quality products, meet the specifications and have no damage during the shipping.