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According to the continuing demand on “Job production” or custom work, as a steel foundry, we have to keep our tradi-tional method of casting. We utilize two production lines to cover broad range of jobs from big to small size.

Either mass production or small lot, our facilities are well-equipped to handle all foundry- related needs.

Apart from our dependable processes, our customers also know that we always keep your information, drawings and patterns confidential.

Siam Castech has ISO9001:2008 experi-ence in “heavy machinery and spare parts” industires.

Green sand – Jolt squeeze, Floor molding (up to 22 x 22 inches mold size)

Sodium silicate/CO2 sand – Floor molding (up to 1.2 ton casting weight)

Alkaline Resin sand – Semi automatic molding line (5 tons /hour)


Fuji   - 0.5 ton 500kw 1000Hz

Five Power   - 0.5 ton 450kw 1000Hz            

Five Power   - 1.0 ton 750kw 1000Hz                  

5M   - 1.0 ton 750kw 1000Hz

900 tons/ month


Heat treating

Six Annealing furnaces

Furnishing & Machining

Grinding Machine
Lathe Machine
Machining Center